Don grew up playing pinball when his father took him to the bowling alley. As he grew older, the love of pinball never faded. After Don and Connie married in 2010, the collection began to grow. They would host get-togethers and parties, which their guests frequently enjoyed the games, as well as. Connie's culinary creations. In 2018, the couple ran out of room at home and started working on creating a new place for their friends and locals to hang out in downtown Tavares, FL. 

In January 2019, iPinball saw it's doors open and Don and Connie's dream came true. At the time, iPinball features about 10 pinball machines, 5 pool tables, darts, foosball, and other arcade games. Over the course of the year, iPinball grew to one of Lake County's favorite hot spots. In partnering with Little Shop of Games in the Tampa Bay area, the collection at iPinball surged to 18 games by the end of their first year.  After Covid-19, they are at 11 machines and looking to grow again!

Aside from building the arcade, Connie's dream of exploring the culinary arts with creative and simple dishes was released to the public. One of the all-time favorites, the Mac N Cheese dog, an angus beef hot dog smothered in homemade macaroni and cheese served with a choice of chips, can be frequently  seen served  to a hungry customer. Some other unique favorites include the Dammit Man Double Cheeseburger with ooey-gooey snappy beer cheese, seasoned waffle fries, and of course, the chili cheese dog.


ASHLEY can be found behind the bar offering your favorite beverage to cool off after a long work day!

CONNIE can be found behind the bar, in the office, in the kitchen... actually she's everywhere!

KATIE can be found behind the bar helping you make the most of your weekend night adventures in downtown Tavares!